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Tour Group at Hill House

Tour Group at Hill House, Helensburgh

 Today, was the final day of our cultural themed tour of Glasgow and environs.

We started by travelling from Glasgow to Luss on the banks of Loch Lomond. Weather was superb. Here we strolled around the village taking in the historic, but quaint, cottages, Loch Lomond and historic St. Kessog’s Church which has a Christian pedigree dating back about 1500 years. At the church we were able to view an excellent short film on the history of the site and local community. The church interior benefits from high quality stained glass and unusual roof made from local oak in the shape of an upturned boat..  We also visited the local Heritage Centre located close to the church. Lunch was taken at the Luss Coffee Shop which is renowned for its quality food offering.

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Window on Mackintosh, Scotland Street School

Window on Mackintosh, Scotland Street School, Glasgow

Today, our small group cultural tour focused on charles Rennie Mackintosh sites within Glasgow, Scotland. At about 26 C  temperature was hot by Scottish standards and sun glare affected photographs.
First stop was the Queen’s Cross Church  which was commissioned by the Free Church of Scotland for a congregation of 820 and completed in 1899. The building is no longer used for worship and is now used as the H.O.of the Mackintosh Society. The design reveals a sophisticated handling of form, ornament and symbolic meaning.
The group was given a well informed talk on the building by a Director of the Mackintosh Society.

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Call to Arms 1878

Call to Arms 1878 by Rodin

 This morning, our tour commenced with a visit to Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery. This dates from 1901 and ranks as one of the pre-eminent such establishments in Europe. Inside can be found Scottish art, design, Mackintosh, Ancient Egypt, fashion and design, dinosaurs, Dutch art, Italian art, French art, James Watt, Scotland’s first people and a massive pipe organ installed by Lewis & Co. There is also the famous painting, Christ of St John of the Cross by Salvadore Dali.

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