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Red Poppies at Pollock House

Red Poppies at Pollock House, Glasgow

This morning, I paid a visit to Pollock House, a heritage property dating from the 18th century and now jointly managed by Scotland’s National Trust and Glasgow Council.

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Fishing Boats at Kirkwall Harbour

Fishing Boats at Kirkwall Harbour, Orkney

This evening, I am focusing on the historic, yet vibrant, town of Kirkwall, capital of Orkney, a group of islands north of the Scottish mainland.

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Windsurfing, Scapa

Windsurfing, Scapa, Orkney


This evening, the focus of my blog is Scapa, Orkney. The name has an interesting history. Orkney has a distinctive Norse heritage from which  the word scarfr (for cormorant) was derived. This was translated into Gaelic as sgarbh and subsequently evolved into modern English as Scapa or ‘Cormorant Isle’.

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