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Here are some images of a re-enactment march along Hadrian’s Wall undertaken in 2006.

Exhibits at Chesters Museum

Foundations of Roman Bridge
Marchers in good spirits
Centurion at Housesteads
Section of the Wall at Birdoswald


Roman Scout at Housesteads
At Corbridge

Arbeia Roman fort and Museum

At Chesters Roman Fort

A break en-route
Overall a great experience. We even made the evening TV news.

Today, I am collating images form my tour in 2007.

Innerpeffary lies close to Crieff in Perthshire. It is home to a library dating back to 1763 together with a castle and chapel.

Here is the ruined castle, which is actually a fortalice and can only be viewed from a distance. It was built by the 1st Lord Madertie.

Here is the 16thC Collegiate Chapel of St. Mary.

Interior of the library which contains over 3,800 volumes.

View towards Crieff from the library.

This location is well worth a visit,especially for those with an academic interest in the collection of historic books.

Here are some images of an Iona Tour undertaken 2007. This is an iconic site and well worth a visit. The island is about three miles long and one mile wide.St. Columba arrived here in AD 563 and established a monastery and then proceeded to convert pagan Scotland to Christianity. Now in a emote location but in Columba’s day located on a busy water way -the only way to travel.

Here are images of the present Abbey, which dates form 1200 AD.

This is an interesting feature from a carved (Pictish?) grave marker.

Inside of the Abbey
External view of the Abbey.
The Nunnery.
We had a good day. Visit Iona and other Scottish islands with Catswhiskerstours.