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Today, I designed a web page for my new fishing packages product, initially centering on Perthshire. In a cautious sort of way I am excited about this. I was really impressed b y the welcome and enthusiasm by the local people involved in the industry. However, they are all very wary regarding a potentially catastrophic disease, namely Gyrodactllus salaris. This is the piscine equivalent of Foot and Mouth and is prevalent on the Continent (Europe). If the disease manages to migrate over the North Sea that could spell the end of Scottish salmon fishing. I had never heard of this before; quite an eye-opener.

Heard on the news today about a group (of 6?) who managed to get lost in the Highlands. I think there was a death on the hills near Glencoe. I think there is regular stream of about half a dozen deaths each year in the Highlands due to climbing accidents. Even the most skilled and best equipped come to grief.

Over the next day or so will get on to the next web project which is a page dedicated to Skye where I am now building up knowledge and valuable personal contacts.

Sandy of Tour Scotland sent me a nice note saying I am on the right track regarding this Blog, which was encouraging.

Finally made contact with a schoolteacher who has set up a business supplying virtual reality tours on disk. We seem to be on the same wavelength. Agreed in principle to co-operate on a virtual tour of Hadrian’s Wall. Again, I am cautiously optimistic as to where this may lead.

News in from a client for whom I am helping with a self-drive tour in the summer. He is from the U.S.where temperatures have been down to minus 26C. Wow! That is cold.

That’s it for today. Back tomorrow.

Made some progress today. Followed up on the fishing contacts made yesterday, in particular one of the hotels. Have to get on tomorrow and design a web page. Have checked out the popular search terms on the web with no surprises.

Received a disk of images of the work of a Skye artist which I am planning to promote on my on-line art shop. They Look good. Will have to on-forward to my web manager.

Made a final booking for a tour itinerary in September in Fort William. I pass many times through Ft William but have never stayed there yet.Has to be a first time.

Made arrangements to call a new contact who has an embryonic business making virtual tour CDs. An interesting market. Have no idea where this will go but the concept seems to have potential.

Today’s Scotsman newspaper has a feature listing 101 must do things in Scotland. Divided into various sub-sections, e.g.pubs, sport, wildlife, islands, etc. Learned a few things I did not know before, such as :

  • the Horseshoe Bar-a Glasgow institution with the longest bar in the U.K.
  • the Globe Inn, Dumfries which was Robert Burns favourite watering hole.

Had an enquiry in yesterday for a budget tour during June. May have found something suitable which I have shared with the client, albeit starts from Edinburgh rather than Glasgow.

Went on a cycle ride today in a mix of rain and snow. Nevertheless, I needed the exercise notwithstanding still recovering from a cold. I think I am on the mend. Lots of work to catch up with tomorrow.

Pleasantly surprised to see that I still rank on page of Google (no.3) for tours of Perthshire. Not bad! I would really like to get up the rankings for Hadrian’s Wall, which is very close to my heart. See what happens when the new three pages of content is input soon.

That’s it I guess for today.

Just a quick update today. Have spent most of the day on Tayside around Logierait and Ballinluig learning about fishing on the Tay at Kinnaird Estate. Absolutely fantastic. Ghillie, James was very helpful, showing me round the beats and introducing me to the various hotels chief of which are:

I was provided with a good supply of fishing images which have just been placed in my photogallery, general section.

Also met up with a visiting Ghillie from Dumfries and Galloway which may prove a useful contact.

Will now get on and design a web page to promote fishing packages.

On a sad note, it was disappointing to see the extensive damage to the banks and fishing beats caused by the Dec 13th 2006 flood. Remediation will cost £000s.