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A man over 70 went to the doctor who,after examining him, said that everything was in perfect condition-His lungs ,heart etc.How did he account for
it?””well,”the man said. Its like this.I go to the baths every morning,swimming about 40 lengths. I then run in the afternoons
“That’s wonderful,”the Dr. said.”but to complete my dossier I need to know what your father died of”
“Did I say my father is dead.? My father is 93 and what’s more he’s in wonderful health.”
That’s amazing”replied the doctor”but how do you account for that?”
“well, its like this. He comes to the baths with me every morning and does1-2 breadths.In the afternoon,he usually goes for a walk”
“Amazing “replied the doctor”I would like to meet him but in order to explore further,I”ll need to know what your grand-father died of”
“Did I say my grand=father is dead?I’ll Have you know he’s 133 ,is in robust health and is getting married next week.”
“Your grand-father is133 and wants to get married”cried the doctor
“Did I say he wants to? “answered the man.

There about 80 million people around the world who claim to be of Scots descent compared with the five million currently living in Scotland. Emigration has always featured in Scottish life with most Scots families having relatives in other parts of the U.K. or abroad.

The Scottish National Party has called for a museum to celebrate notable Scottish migrants such as Andrew Carnegie and Sir Sean Connery.

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It has been reported that 19 year old Andy Murray has signed a seven figure sponsorship deal with Perthshire based Highland Spring. It is believed that Murray drinks some four litres a day of the product. He will also wear the Highland Spring logo at tennis tournaments around the world.

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