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This afternoon, I am presenting some images of the only surviving intact church by Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson. This dates from 1857-59 and is situated on the corner of St Vincent St and Pitt St Glasgow. This building’s features include:

  • Own man-made Acropolis
  • Ionic porticoes
  • Internal cast iron columns
  • Windows with huge sheets of glass rammed into the masonry.

This is still a living church ( Free Church) and is an iconic site for students of architecture.

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This afternoon I am presenting images of a memorial in Cathcart Old Churchyard, Glasgow.

It was designed by the famous architect Alexander Greek Thomson for his friend, the builder John McIntyre for McIntyre’s son’s grave.

It is a powerful composition with a sarcophagus on a base of cyclopaen masonry.

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This afternoon I am presenting an image of Greek Thomson’s memorial in Glasgow’s Southern Necropolis. This is constructed in marble and features as one the most imposing memorials in the cemetery.

Thomson was the greatest architect of Victorian Glasgow. He was called ‘Greek’ Thomson because of his belief that the architecture of ancient Greece could be the basis of truly modern architecture.

Thomson was born in Balfron in 1817 and died 1875 at his home in Moray Place, Glasgow

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