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This evening i am presenting some images from Isle of Lewis tour . These show a renovated pair of thatched buildings used in the past to convert barley grain into meal using water power.

The buildings reflect the Scandinavian influence on the Western Isles of Scotland.

This evening I am presenting some images of a recent visit to Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.

Below are images of a 2000 year old iron age Broch which is located at Carloway above Loch an Duin on a rocky knoll. Brochs are unique to Scotland and may have been constructed as combined high status and defensive dwellings. They were built with two concentric walls of stone with a stairway or gallery within the walls, a feature which may have been a very effective climate control system.

This morning I am presenting some images of a recent visit to Glasgow Green in the East End of Glasgow.

Here is the Doulton Fountain which dates to the 1888 International Exhibition and is a manifestation of Britain’s then empire.

Here is the Templeton Carpet Factory, a very unusual design based on the Doge’s palace in Venice.

Here is inside of the the Peoples Palace and Winter Gardens (1888). This was built as a cultural centre for the East End population.