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Professor Bryan Sykes of Oxford University has, according to press reports, produced a study which claims that it was the Spanish (who arrived in Britain about 4000BC) who were the predecessors to the Celts who in turn did not appear until 3500 years later.

DNA tests have determined that persons with Celtic ancestry in the British Isles have almost identical genetic ‘fingerprints’ to the inhabitants of Spanish coastal regions today.

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The ancient Clan Donald is offering DNA tests to identify those who share the same genetic fingerprints as its current chiefs. If the tests prove positive then Americans and others around the world can claim their descent from Somerled of Argyll, the founder of the Clan and who died in battle in AD 1164.

DNA samples were provided by Ranald MacDonald, 24th chief of Clanranald, Godfrey MacDonald, high chief of Clan Donald, Sir Ian Macdonald, 24th chief of Sleat and Ranald MacDonell, 23rd chief of Glengarry. These samples were found to match a Y chromosome that tests had identified as beloging to Somerled.

The DNA service is provided through familytreedna.

It will be of interest to members of Clan Donald and Clan Currie.

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