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Quite a few tour enquiries in today which have kept me busy. I think the website is starting to earn it’s keep. One interesting enquiry was from Italy where a group of 4 wanted an Italian speaking driver guide for a 2 week tour. I have identified a guide and quoted a price. Will see what happens.

I have started to learn about Google Analytics which seems a good product and identifies where website hits are originated on a global map.

Have re-worked my key words and sent them up to my web manager. Have also contacted an expert for web optimisation services.

I guess I need to get up to speed with the new Art Shop.Will try and make some progress next week.

For additional content I have drawn up a new page of places to visit and things to do (in Scotland).

Have so much to learn about the web-it’s an interesting challenge.

Seem to have “lost” my Blog diary of my Hadrian’s Wall tour in June 2006. Fortunately, have a back up but it’s not exactly the same as the original.

That’s it for today.

Phew! Back in to my Blog after a hiatus of a couple of days. From time to time I just cannot get in, which is very frustrating.

Bit of a fiasco with an American group who are visiting Glasgow for a wedding. Originally, they wanted two cars for 4 days then one car, now seemingly none. Also, the groom was, allegedly, subject to a road rage attack whilst cycling in London. Probably have to write this tour off.

On the plus side, progressing well with a couple of self-drives. Also there is a good chance that a Sept/Oct tour by four ladies will firm up later this week.

Keeping very busy with paperwork. Also chasing up some links whilst I have a mo. Trying to get my mind around Google Analytics which I now use for web stats. Seems quite sophisticated. I still have a lot to do to optimise my site. Will probably contact an expert.

Hope to start cycling again soon. Recovery from the flu is taking much longer than normal. Worst case I have had in 10 years.

That’s it for now.

Not a lot happening today. Waiting for more info on various tours. Have a feeling that the Wales tour during April has died.

Have probs with my Sat Nav. The sound died completely but I think I have found a way of re-activating. Also having probs backing up the memory card to CD. Tried to follow the instructions-but to no avail. Sandy, if you are reading this and have nothing better to do would appreciate a call to sort it out.

I guess the next major project for me is to get up to speed with the on-line art shop which has just been set up.

Hopefully, will tidy up many of the o/s tour enquiries tomorrow.