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Scotland’s last remaining gold mine is to reopen after a lapse of six years.

Reopening has been facilitated by the strong gold price which is expected to offset the costs of the deep mining operation at Tyndrum in Perthshire.

The site is controlled by Fynegold in turn backed by Canada’s Caledonia Mining.

If given the go-ahead by planning authorities, the site is expected to provide skilled, year-round employment for the local populace.

The unique Scots mined gold is expected to command a premium price on the market.

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The tiny and remote of island of Foula, which lies 15 miles to the west of the Shetlands, is seeking new residents to offset its dwindling population which has reduced to just 26 people. The island has Broadband but offset that is the requirement for self-reliance as the island has no pub or shop and electricity is turned off at night.

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Following a recent visit to China, Scotland’s First Minister has initiated the twinning of Angus domiciled Glamis Castle with China’s Great Wall. Glamis Castle has history dating back to at least 1372 when the castle was presented to the Lyon family, ancestors of the British Royal Family, by Robert the Bruce.

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