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The name comes from Cumberland (England) , originally Raveneswic (dairy farm of an Anglo-Saxon called Raven), on the east side of the river Eden. James Renwick, the covenanter, was the last man executed (1688) for religious principles in Scotland-he was beheaded in Grassmarket Square, Edinburgh. John Runnick is recorded in Dalzell-Kittimure in 1634, Robert Rinnick in Stanehouse in 1657, Robert Rinnick in Dalzell-Kittimure in 1686 and Robert Rennick in Newbigging 1687. There is an ancient and rare Renwick tartan which may imply a link to a Clan.

Aided by movement from the rest of the U.K.,Scotland’s population rose in 2005 by more than 16,400 to 5,094,800 against the previous trend of slow decline from the early 1970s. The biggest increases have been in West Lothian, East Lothian and Stirling. The largest decreases occurred in the western Isles, Aberdeen city and Inverclyde. Scotland’s population is projected to rise to 5.13M by 2019 and then fall below 5M in 2036. Enjoy the empty spaces of Scotland with catswhiskerstours

A new four-part BBC series is to establish Scotland’s defining moment. This will be shown in the autumn (fall) of 2006 and may include such landmarks as:

  • Act of Union
  • Robert the Bruce’s victory at Bannockburn
  • World War 1 (per head of population more Scots died than any other nation)

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