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Brochs are found in the Orkney’s, Shetlands, Western Isles and the Scottish mainland. They consist of dry stone towers about 10 metres (33ft) in height and about 25 metres (82ft) in diameter. The walls are thick at the base tapering towards the top. They usually feature two concentric circles with stairways and chambers incorporated in the core of the wall. It is believed that this form of construction was very efficient from an insulation perspective.

Here are some images of the remains of a Broch on the Isle of Skye.

Today I am presenting some images of tours of the Crannog Centre on Loch Tay, Scotland.

Crannogs are high status Iron Age dwellings built on stilts on lochs. They are unique to Scotland and Ireland.

The Crannog Centre is a great place to visit and provides the visitor with a real feel for life 2000 years ago. Here are some pictures of experimental archaeology.

Tour Guide at commencement of tour
Here is the actual Crannog, the only one in the world.

Here are some images of a re-enactment march along Hadrian’s Wall undertaken in 2006.

Exhibits at Chesters Museum

Foundations of Roman Bridge
Marchers in good spirits
Centurion at Housesteads
Section of the Wall at Birdoswald


Roman Scout at Housesteads
At Corbridge

Arbeia Roman fort and Museum

At Chesters Roman Fort

A break en-route
Overall a great experience. We even made the evening TV news.