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The arrival of a dead swan infected with bird flu at Cellardyke harbour has had an unexpectedly beneficial effect of the local economy and property prices. In the nine months since the dead bird was found house prices in the picturesque Fife fishing village have risen by 30pct.with the intensive publicity seen as the key driver behind the uplift. Property in neighbouring villages such as Crail, Elie and Anstruther have also benefited.

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Over the past decade figures from Bank of Scotland with a net gain of 54,000. Quality of life and affordability of housing were two of show that Scotland gained 540,000 new settlers from other parts of the U.K. against emigration from Scotland of 486,000 leaving Scotlandthe key drivers in this population movement.

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Cairngorms National Park is set to eliminate such non-native species as grey squirrels, mink, and sika deer on the basis these species have the potential to damage existing species habitats and ecosystems.

Animal rights activists oppose the proposed cull.

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