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Today, I am presenting some images of Melrose Abbey which is one of the most fascinating of the Borders abbeys.These ruins date from the 14th and 15th centuries.

The Abbey is built of red sandstone and was destroyed by the English on the 14th century. The remains are Gothic and famous for their decorative stonework.

Melrose Abbey was founded by David I in 1136 and was rebuilt by Robert the Bruce whose heart is buried at the Abbey.

At time of my visit a wedding was in progress.

Overall, well worth a visit in context of a Borders tour.

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This is not the result of a hedge fund manager using an illegal substance! In fact this garden is located in the Borders area of Scotland and is owned by a businessmen who has a full time garden staff to manage and develop this unique confluence of art and horticulture. Visits are by appointment only but well worth the effort.

Enjoy the images below.

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Scone (pronounced Skoon) Palace is one of Scotland’s grand homes. This was the traditional crowning place of Scottish monarchs dating back to the 13th century. However, the current Palace only dates from the early 19th century.

Within 50 metres of the Palace lies the foundations of the lost Abbey of Scone which was built in 1115 near Moot Hill, an ancient mound where generations of Scottish kings were crowned at the Stone of Destiny. This Stone was said to have been placed beneath the throne at every coronation.

The Abbey was destroyed in 1599 during the Reformation.

Here is an image of Scone Palace

Here is an image of Moot Hill and its chapel

Scone is well positioned for a tour of Perthshire