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Have noticed in the press that the Edinburgh Military Tattoo organisers have completely sold all 209,000 tickets, this for an event which will not be held until August 2007. This sell-out is a record. Just as well I got in early with a supply of tickets for my clients!

The press also reports on the GBP14M ($27m) year long celebration of Highland culture, sponsored by the Scottish Executive. Apparently, the Highland economy is growing and population decline reversed. prima facie this is good, but the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.

Golfers out there might be interested to know that the seventh course at St. Andrews has been named the Castle Course.

Roxburgh in the Borders was once a medieval town of great importance. The ancient town apparently lies underneath the modern town. I think this was the subject of a Time Team investigation some time ago. Interesting.

I have encountered great difficulty in tracking down a copy of a book entitled With Sword and Harp by W.M.Currie. It is subtitled Warrior Poets focuses on the history of Clan Currie. This is required by an artist friend of mine in connection with the Clan Currie reunion August 2007 on Bute. Both Amazon and e-Bay drew a blank but have left an order with e-Bay in case it turns up in the future. The publishers of the book appear to have gone out of business. If anyone out there Knows where to get this book then please let me know.

The weather in Glasgow/West of Scotland is appalling with heavy rain and strong winds. My wife has valiantly gone for a walk along the Antonine Wall. No doubt she will require some hot soup upon return.

A new Persian cat arrived today for fostering. It is a ginger colour and was badly matted until I gave it a good brush and comb. for an ex-astray it has an unusually mild temperament. If you live in West of Scotland and want to adopt the animal then please let me know.

Signing off now. Hope to get back later in the day.

A Roman Legacy

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Some good news this afternoon.

Learned that Historic Scotland will allow me to add to my website a recent article on the Antonine Wall, being a summary of The Antonine Wall by David J Breeze. The downside is I will have to copy type the article (about 1500 words) as no soft copy is available. Nevetheless, should prove excellent content for my website, especially as Roman Britain is very close to my heart.

Last night went to see the new Beatrix Potter film. It was OK, very profound with emphasis on Victorian and Edwardian social rules. The big failing from my perspective was complete absence of any reference to Beatrix’s holidays in Perthshire, particularly Birnam and Dunkeld which a grounding for her fascination with nature, particularly fungi. Nevertheless a good film, worth a watch.

Today, is very wet and windy and I have concerns for flooding in Perthshire where we have a cottage on a flood plain. Fingers crossed!!

Today’s press carries a report on The Sculptor’s Cave, a 3000 year-old temple dedicated to young children near Lossiemouth. Thus may be similar to the High Pasture Cave on Skye?

Lots of work on the agenda today, fine tuning tours for the current year.

Have noticed that shop in Dunkeld is holding a closing down sale of half price stock comprising Scottish themed CDs, Jewelery and other products. May be I should buy the stock and market it on my own site?

Had a request from a hotel group in Prestwick for reciprocal web links and supply of brochures. This is encouraging and proving my website is getting known.

That’s all for now. Hope to be back later in the day.