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Today, is the day of the big Scotland v Italy football match (soccer). You can see this pub/bar is decked out in a suitable patriotic display.
Here is some unusual cress like vegetation growing at the river bank (below).

This is a river valley at Spiersbridge. The pillar is obviously the support for a former bridge.

Here is a weir near to the above bridge support. I believe there may have been industrial activity here in the 18th or 19th centuries, possibly connected with textile dying. There appears to be enough water to drive a mini-hydro scheme!

Another aspect of the stone pillar

Scotland and golf go together. Here are some images of golf in process at Deaconsbank Golf Course

Today, I went off to investigate nearby Pollock House, a heritage property owned by The National Trust for Scotland. The house dates from 1747 and was built by the Maxwell family. Photographs are not permitted of the interior but there is much art and antiques to admire.There is also an award winning restaurant where I sampled tea and a scone-very well done!

Here is an image taken in the grounds which I call ‘autumn reflections’;

Here is an image of the front of the house which faces the river.

Side view with stunning garden

Main entrance

In the nearby park is a herd of Highland Cattle. Here is one gentleman not to be tangled with!

Scottish Country Dancing is a form of social dancing and not to be confused with Scottish Highland Dancing. Here are some images of Country Dancing in progress.