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This evening I am marshalling some images from a 2007 stone circles tour.

Machrie is a very rich site being located on a remote part of the Isle of Arran, off the west coast of Scotland.

This site is a fascinating collection of prehistoric monuments, chambered tombs, hut circles and six megalithic rings.

The variety of design suggests that the various structures were erected over a span of hundreds of years in what may have been a sacred area.Will we ever know why they were built and what precise function they served? The scale of the task in transporting and shaping the stones would suggest a wealthy and hierarchical society about 4000-5000 years ago.

This evening I am presenting some images of Linlithgow Palace. This is accessible from Edinburgh.

The Palace is now a romantic ruin, having been destroyed by fire in 1745, possibly due to a cooking fire left by a retreating Jacobite soldier.

The Palace was a favourite of the Stewart monarchs from James I with both James V and Mary, Queen of Scots being born in the Palace.

Features worthy of note are the Great Hall and Chapel (late 15th century). The qaudrangle has a richly carved 16th century fountain.

This attraction is well worth a visit. It benefits from being situated in a park close to the Linlithgow Loch.


The fountain

The Great Hall

Outer Gate
There is something for all interests here, photographers, students of architecture, historians and even somewhere for the children to play!

Today, I am presenting some images of a re-enactment march along Hadrian’s Wall from 2006.

This was great event. We all tried to replicate as near as possible the actual conditions of the Roman soldier including diet and lodgings. As regards the latter, we used bunk houses, which in some cases were very basic!

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