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Today is the first day of the rest of my blogger life. Up till now I have been summarising Scotland related news content but have been advised this is not particularly Google friendly and won’t do much for my website.

I have quite a number of bookings for 2007 but enquiries seem a little slow at present, maybe the weak Dollar is an influence?

I have just added a new Glasgow based tour page to my site. I have just woken up to the possibilities for Glasgow centric tours which I am well placed to provide because of my Glasgow domicile.

We aim to see the Beatrix Potter movie. Reviews have been somewhat “average”. We have a special interest because we own a cottage in Perthshire wherein is alleged to have lived the role model for Mrs Tiggy-winkle. Beatrix was certainly active in the Dunkeld/Birnam/Dalguise area and gained a lot of inspiration from the local flora and fungi.

Have an interesting tour enquiry in from a gentleman who wishes to travel through the Crinan canal:

"I am planning a holiday in June, during part of which I would
like to travel from somewhere on the Clyde (river or firth), to
and through the
Crinan Canal if possible, by water from Crinan to Oban passing
by the whirlpool at Corryvrekan, etc. I wonder if we could
take advantage of any of your tours for the first part of this
itinerary, getting from the Clyde to Crinan.

Basically I'm interested in retracing some of the route of the coal scows
and goods barges that went up the coast to Ft. William and
beyond--if I've got my facts right.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you might offer."

I am working on this at present.

Weather at present is mild but awful, with very high winds and heavy rain. Went out on a cycle ride this morning and the first time in years was forced off the bike by the heavy winds!

We are off the the Holiday and Travel show Glasgow Jan 19th-21st which should be interesting.

Next post tomorrow.

Hedgehogs were introduced to North Uist and Benbecula in the 1970s to control garden slugs but the animals turned instead to feasting on the eggs of rare birds such as dunlin, lapwing and ringed plover.

Scottish Natural Heritage have been culling the animals but the British Hedgehog Preservation Society claims it is much cheaper to capture and relocate -GBP50 per animal- compared with equivalent culling cost of GBP950 per animal.

The 2007 cull is scheduled for April and May.

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The proposal to assign the Isle of Mull Marine National Park status is causing controversy with the 2678 strong populace fearing a threat to the traditional farming and fishing way of life. There are fears that the single track roads will not cope with even more tourists.

The island benefits from such wildlife as:

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