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A 2000 year old residential and industrial complex has been found at Inverness. near to the Royal Academy. This comprises seven large roundhouses and about 12 iron kilns. The team from Headland Archaeology has uncovered what appears to be a major industrial site for the production and trading of goods with other countries. There is evidence of iron smelting, bronz casting and glass manufacture. Some of the more noteworthy finds include a bronze horse harness, an enamelled brooch, a latrge number of woodworking tools and a large iron sword. All the finds are being assessed by experts at the National Museum of Scotland.
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The Callanish Stones are found on the Isle of Lewis, Western Isles . They were constructed about 5000 years ago by a Neolithic Community about which we know very little, other than their relationship with the Moon.

The positioning of the Stones suggest a tribute to the moon; part sacred site, part observatory (part Lunar calander and part computer).

The Stones have been arranged to track movements of the moon across the sky from month to month.

Our ancestors knew how to mark extreme positions of the moon and predict rare lunar events.

To the south of the Stones is a range of hills which resemble the outline of a reclining woman. Every 18 years the full moon roses out of the hills, rolls along the body and then disappears. Moments later the moon reappears in the centre of the stone circle. There is local legend that people who witness this event are blessed with fertility.

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About 75 Glasgow restaurateurs have joined together to establish an eBay style auction site for meals.

This site allows customers to bid for meals at dozens of Glasgow’s leading eateries.

About 10,000 customers have registered to use the site including tourists from overeseas.

Prices can start as low as 1p (about 2 US cents) . Customers bid against other registered users for a set-course meal or a selection of dishes.

Winning bidders pay in advance through a secure on-line payment system. The website charges 4pct of the auction price by way of commission.

Consideration is being given to extending the scheme to include Edinburgh and London.

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