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Today, was cold but sunny. Went for a spin around nearby Rouken Glen but was stymied when my pedal fell off!!

Anyway, I obtained a couple of pics of the part frozen boating bond which has a huge population of marine birds.

Paisley Tour

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Today, I went to Paisley on a shopping trip. Paisley is a faded industrial town. Was formerly a textile boom town in the 19th century and still has street names evocative of that period, e.g.Cotton Street, Gauze Street, Linen Street.

Here is an image of Clarks Mills. The Mills actually started next to the Hammils which consists of a band of hard volcanic rock running across the river bed and forming a waterfall. The force of water flowing over the Hammils powered two mills, one at each side of the river.

They were established by the Clark Brothers in 1812. These two brothers had discovered that selling cotton thread for domestic sewing could be a profitable business, and had thereby laid the foundations for much of Paisley’s fame and prosperity in the late nineteenth century.

View of River Cart with Town Hall on right

Paisley Abbey was founded when Walter Fitzalan signed a charter at Fotheringay in 1163.He was descended from the Norman conquerors and in 1141 was brought to Scotland by King David 1,the son of Malcolm Canmore and Saint Margaret. William Wallace was educated here. The image is of the West Door

View of Paisley Abbey

View of Paisley Town Hall- a reflection of Victorian confidence.

Today, I led a tour to Glencoe and Stirling Castle. Images below. Yesterday’s blog was incorrectly posted to (my error!).

Here is an image of the memorial to the victims of the infamous Glencoe Massacre 1692.

Glencoe museum. Note thatched roof. This is something like the original dwellings at time of the massacre.

View of Glencoe
Another view of Glencoe

Waterfall near Glencoe. This can be a gushing torrent after heavy rain, but quite subdue today.

Pipe band from Inveraray at Tyndrum.

Tapestry in the chapel at Stirling Castle.

Ceiling at Chapel. Note original decoration.

Great Hall at Stirling Castle

Seasonal view inside Great Hall
Barrel Vault ceiling at the Great Hall at Stirling Castle
Tour Guide in full flow at Stirling Castle

Tableaux in the kitchens at Stirling Castle

Entrance to the Castle

16th. century Palace at Stirling Castle
Another view of the entrance to the Castle
View of Palace Building at Stirling Castle

Overall, a good tour. Weather quite clement for time of year. Some snow on the tops of the hills.