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Until the mid 16th century, the rugged West Coast of Scotland was ruled by autonomous Clan chieftains, well removed from the power of King James V in Edinburgh some 200 miles away. The land terrain was impassable leaving the sea as the life blood of communication and culture. To gain control of his territory King James commissioned a map of the West Coast seaways which was undertaken by Nicolay Rutter. This proved remarkably accurate and with benefit of enhanced intelligence of the area the King was able re-assert control which he did by capturing Clan chiefs and holding them hostage in Edinburgh until his death in 1542. Additionally, the King assumed the title Lord of the Isles, hitherto held by Clan Chieftains, and which to this day is held by Prince Charles.

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A map of Scotland created by Alexander Lyndsay about 1540 for James V is expected to fetch about £20,000-£30,000 ( up to $60,000) when it is auctioned January 10th.

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Archie Stirling, a businessman/landowner has announced plans to form a new political party with aim of keeping Scotland within the U.K.

Mr Stirling is a nephew of David Stirling who founded the SAS and is laird of the Keir Estate in Perthshire.

This move coincides with a survey which shows a dramatic fall in public trust in Scotland’s devolved government.

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