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The proposal to assign the Isle of Mull Marine National Park status is causing controversy with the 2678 strong populace fearing a threat to the traditional farming and fishing way of life. There are fears that the single track roads will not cope with even more tourists.

The island benefits from such wildlife as:

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A new British website has been set up to provide a database of the 30m plus passengers who left British ports on long haul ship journeys after the 1890s. This should prove a great help to people wishing to trace their family tree.

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Scotland’s freshwater pearls are both rare and expensive. This is because they are a product of the freshwater mussel which only thrives in such clean, fast flowing rivers as the Tay and Spey. However, acquisition of such gems can prove elusive because:

  • The mussel is a protected species
  • Collection of pearls from the protected mussel is an offence without a licence
  • Cost of such pearls is between GBP50 ($90) and GBP1000 ($1900).

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