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Spring Flower at Greebank

This afternoon, warm and sunny, I cycled round to Greenbank Garden, south of Glasgow, to obtain some images with a flavour of Spring. To an extent I achieved my objective but have to apologise for image quality as I lost power on my principal digital camera and had to resort to the cellphone camera and hence poor quality of images. Read more on Spring Flowers at Greenbank Garden…

This morning, I cycled up to Greenbank Garden to obtain more images of emerging colours of Spring. This post focuses on daffodils for which Greenbank is famous with about 500 different varieties. In previous posts I have included daffodils from Greenbank. Here is the latest batch.

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After last night’s exertions ( Ceilidh) I decided to take a bit of gentle exercise and cycle round to nearby Greenbank House which is a heritage building dating from the 18th century and well known for its elaborate and extensive garden. At time of my last visit, on March 5th, the garden was still blanketed in snow and ice with only the most tenuous hints of Spring. However, today I found the situation transformed. There was not exactly a riot of colour but definite signs of life-as manifested in the images below. Another week or so should see much more color, particularly daffodils and narcissus for which this garden is particularly well known.

The image at the top shows Greenbank House with some visitors having fun throwing a Frisbee around in the afternoon sunshine.

This is a narcissus- ‘Miss Muffet’

I am not sure what of the official name for these white bells.

Presume this solitary flower to be a crocus.

Another narcissus-‘Spring Dawn’

This was a surprise. A rose poking through intense vegetation of a yew or privet like shrub.

An unusual narcissus- ‘Beryl’

More snowdrops.

Quite a pleasant sojourn this afternoon. The garden is very peaceful yet just a few miles from the hurly-burly of Glasgow City. A quiet place for contemplation!

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