This morning I am posting information on Kisimul Castle which is located in the centre of Castlebay, Barra, Hebrides.

Key points:

  • Dates from 15th century.
  • Consists of a square tower with a curtain wall within which there is a hall, chapel and other buildings.
  • Inside are two artesian wells and a fish trap to provide resources in event of siege.
  • Abandoned from 1795 then sold to Colonel Gordon in 1838.
  • Purchased in he 1930s by Robert Lister MacNeil, an American who became the 45th Clan Chief. This gentleman restored the castle. His son is the current Clan Chief.
  • Access is via a short trip in an open boat.

This weaponry was used at the Battle of Culloden in 1746.

MacNeil heraldry

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