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Today, I have been researching the history of Jewish immigration to Scotland in readiness for a private tour comprising a family group of the Jewish faith. The first Jews came from Germany and Holland about 200 years ago but from the 1860s there was a big increase from Russia and Poland as  distressed peoples emigrated to America with a  significant number staying in Scotland due to non-eligibility for USA entry criteria.

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This evening I attended a very well presented and authentic evening focused on the theme of Scandinavian food and drink at York’s medieval Barley Hall parts of which date from about AD1360.

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Today, I was able to indulge my passion for the Roman era via a tour of Roman York in N.E. England.

York was established as a major centre of Roman Britain in the first century AD by the Ninth Legion and later the Sixth Legion. Between AD 208 and 211 York (Eboracum) was actually the epicentre of the Roman Empire as during that time the Emperor Septimus Severus was based there during his campaigns in what is now Scotland. Despite the successive occupations of York by Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Normans and then the medieval era, there remain visible signs of the Roman occupation as summarised below.

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