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This afternoon, I am posting some information on the village of Broadford which acts as a ‘gateway’ between the gentler south of Skye and the more mountainous north.

I find Broadford a very useful stopover point after driving down from Inverness during my Scotland tours. There is a wide selection of lodgings for an overnight before setting off next day for a Isle of Skye tour which can take a full day and then return to Broadford to be well positioned for connection with ferry crossing to Mallaig on the mainland.

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This evening, I have decided to read up on the geology of Skye. I am a frequent visitor to Skye with my private tours and think its time to learn about the fascinating and diverse landforms of which Skye is comprised.

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Today, I collected my guests from the Lewis ferry at Uig (about 9.00am) and then proceeded on our tour visiting:

– Fairy Glen, near Uig. This comprises a somewhat exotic concentration of small conical hillocks in a small glen (valley) accessed via a single track road which finishes with a dead end.

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