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This evening, I am posting images and information on Glasgow Green, Glasgow, Scotland. This is a fascinating and historic part of Glasgow featuring:

  • An historic carpet factory with design influenced by the Doge’s Palace in Venice.
  • Impressive memorial to Britain’s naval hero, Lord Nelson.
  • Famous location where James Watt obtained inspiration for his refined Steam engine which helped trigger the Industrial, Revolution.
  • Former place of public execution.
  • People’s Palace, social history museum.
  • Famous Doulton Fountain made from terracotta.
  • River Clyde with its related sculling activities.
  • Proximity to nearby Gorbals area and Glasgow City Centre.
  • Place where residents washing used to be hung out to dry.

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This afternoon, I went off to Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s House for Art Lover at Bellahouston Park with principal objective of obtaining images of emerging seasonal plants and flowers in the well kept garden which adjoins the Houseover For Art Lover. Unfortunately, the recent very severe winter seems to have taken its toll. However, by way of consolation, I was pleased to see a good display of snowdrops emerging from the ravages of the frost and ice.

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The extreme cold weather continues in Scotland. This is now a once in 30 year perhaps once in 100 year event which is causing a range of problems across a wide sphere spanning roads, trains, schools, fuel deliveries, frozen pipes and even treacherous walking on the frozen pavements (sidewalks).

A lone tree in the park

Today, there was a plus side in that overnight Glasgow had a light deposit of snow subsequent to which we had the benefit of bright sunshine and blue skies-a great combination for photographs!

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