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My theme tonight focuses on a press report of major restoration work planned for Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye which is Scotland’s oldest continuously occupied property dating back 700 years and home to the Chief of Clan MacLeod.

It appears that Dunvegan Castle suffered a fire in 1938 the repair of which was ‘sub optimal’ and now requires further attention costing GBP1.1M. This cost is to be funded GBP598k from Scottish Government Agency, Historic Scotland , GBP100K from an organisation called Highland Opportunity with the balance coming from the MacLeod Estate.

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This afternoon, I am posting some information on the village of Broadford which acts as a ‘gateway’ between the gentler south of Skye and the more mountainous north.

I find Broadford a very useful stopover point after driving down from Inverness during my Scotland tours. There is a wide selection of lodgings for an overnight before setting off next day for a Isle of Skye tour which can take a full day and then return to Broadford to be well positioned for connection with ferry crossing to Mallaig on the mainland.

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This evening, I have decided to read up on the geology of Skye. I am a frequent visitor to Skye with my private tours and think its time to learn about the fascinating and diverse landforms of which Skye is comprised.

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