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This morning I visited Glasgow Green to observe the 153rd Clydesdale ARC Summer Regatta on the River Clyde. This event took all day. Benefiting from the bright sunshine I was able to obtain some reasonable images and video clips, a selection of which is provided below.

This rowing club has a history dating back to 1857 and is open to enthusiasts of all ages.

Single Sculls

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The rail bridge was the product of the design team of Sir John Fowler and Benjamin Baker and the construction skills of Sir William Arrol. It cost GBP320m in today’s money (about $600m) . It took seven years to build from 1883 and was hailed as a wonder of the world in its day. The technology was leading edge in that (a) it was the world’s largest cantilever bridge and (b) used what was then a new material-steel.

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