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This morning was cold but dry and somewhat overcast. I had in mind to get out into the country and photograph young lambs which are usually in abundance at this time of year. However, the conditions out of the city proved something of a surprise. It was evident I was suddenly in a different micro-climate with the fields still covered in a thick layer of snow and the sheep reliant on hay and other feeds to keep them going. This winter must have proved a big drain on the farmers’ cash flow.

Winter sheep

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This morning, I went off to one of my favourite spots in Scotland, namely the Dunkeld area in Perthshire.

This region suffered from the recant bout of extreme weather with temperatures down to minus 16 centigrade together with heavy snow which still lingers on the hills and sheltered places.

During my travel around the area the temperature was just above freezing with ice still evident on one particular loch (lake).

Images from the trip can be found below together with commentary.

This was taken from the 200 year old Bridge over the River Tay looking towards a snowy Dunkeld with Craig a Barns (hill) in the background.

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The extreme cold weather continues in Scotland. This is now a once in 30 year perhaps once in 100 year event which is causing a range of problems across a wide sphere spanning roads, trains, schools, fuel deliveries, frozen pipes and even treacherous walking on the frozen pavements (sidewalks).

A lone tree in the park

Today, there was a plus side in that overnight Glasgow had a light deposit of snow subsequent to which we had the benefit of bright sunshine and blue skies-a great combination for photographs!

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