This morning. we departed lodgings in Glasgow, S.W. Scotland and then drove to Largs on the Ayrshire Coast. Largs is a pleasant small town, popular with tourists, and conscious of its Viking heritage. Close to Largs was fought a sea battle in 1263 between the Norse and Scots in which the latter prevailed and thus secured control over Western Scotland and islands. At Largs can be found the Vikingar! Visitor Centre with replica longboat and the Pencil Monument on the coast which records the battle.

We had lunch at Largs Marina and then drove 20 mins south to Ardrossan where we connected with the 12.30 pm ferry to Isle of Arran.

During the afternoon, the weather progressively deteriorated into persistent rain notwithstanding which we kept to our plan of visiting the famous Machrie Moor prehistoric site which entailed a two-mile round trip walk along rough farm tracks. Despite a thorough soaking we achieved our objective summary information on which is provided below.

  • Location is 2.25 miles NNE of Blackwaterfoot on the west of the island. To reach the site entails a walk across farmland for about 1 mile.
  • The site comprises ruins of chambered tombs, hut circles and megalithic rings all sited on a low-lying triangle of flat, sandy land or ‘machair’.
  • Prior to construction of the stone structures and monuments the site had been farmed (by Neolithic peoples) with pottery evidence dating back to 3900 BC. Wooden circles were replaced by stone.
  • The stones comprise granite and sandstone with oldest circle dating to 2900 BC.
  • All six circles are aligned with the summer equinox via a ‘notch’ on the skyline to N.E.
  • A dynamic site which was in use for about three thousand years through to around 1000 BC.

After returning to the vehicle we drove to Brodick to check in to our lodgings for the night.

Tomorrow we tour the entire island of Arran.

Images to follow when WiFi permits.

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